An original musical dramedy where star crossed lovers Bradley and Andrew overcome race, distance, domestic violence/ partner abuse, and a span of 10 years to finally share their love together.

Writer / Director

Joe Mode

Joe Mode has been performing as a dancer, choreographer, and actor since the age of 12. He owned his own dance studio for 2 years while attending UCLA receiving a BA in Economics and dancing with the Modern Dance dept. Upon graduation he went on to pursue a career in acting landing his first feature film role a year later. He began his journey as a creative producer developing TV shows for the West Hollywood Public access.
At age 30 he moved to NY and during his first two years wrote his first screenplay WHY. A story of a man caught in an abuse relationship and the 24 hours of conversations he has which leads him decide to walk away from the situation, his life, and the one man we learn gave him true love for the first time in his life.

Over the next several year he would continue to act and find independent pictures to work on and develop is producing and production management craft. At a certain point he found that his academic knowledge of accounting and analytical thinking were perfect for line producing.

In 2007 he went to the New York Film academy to continue his producing education. While in school he wrote a follow up script to his film WHY. In this new tale LOVE FINALLY he takes his lead character and his true love and places them into an original musical dramedy. it tells the story of how the two met and their final outcome in the future.
Over the next 6 years he would make two attempts to get the film launched failing each time. Till in November of 2023 the stars aligned and he was able to complete his short film shooting the dramatic elements and debut as a first time director. He is currently working on the feature version shooting all of the musical sequences with the goal of premiering the feature at Sundance 2025.

Executive Producer

DR. William Kapfer

Global Head of Supplier Diversity - JPMorgan Chase


Charles Hayes IV

Bonnie Barrios

Kevin Michaels

Creative Team


Academy Award Winning Composer

Carla Thomas

TV/Film/Stage Costumer Designer

Tyler Neasloney

“Project Runway” Designer

Patrick Coker

Alvin Ailey Principal Dancer

Mark Meiser

Award Winning Choreographer


Stanley Glover

T. Shyvonne Stewart


Supporting Cast

Victoria Odegaard

Ricky Roman

Hector Molina

Frank Scuderi

Anthony O' Connell

Michael Miquel

Jayse Vegas

Mark Ashin

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